6 Steps to a Healthier You This Summer

When summer arrives in Scarborough, it’s easy to get caught up in the hustle and bustle of the season. Kids are off school, people head for the closest body of water, and there’s lots of activities to keep up with. With so much to do, people tend to overlook some of the most basic healthcare tips. Here are a few basic reminders about summertime health. 1. Eat Well Even if you’re trying to slip into your bikini, don’t skip out on meals. It can actually have a negative effect. Instead, stock up on some of summer’s best produce. Brierley Wright, […]

Traveling? You May Need to See a Pharmacy for Vaccinations

Millions of Canadians travel abroad every year, and most vacations go off without a hitch. However, if you’re planning a summer trip to a foreign country, it’s a good idea to visit your primary care physician to help ensure you have a healthy trip. Remember: in some cases, you’ll need to see a pharmacy for vaccinations months in advance to comply with travel regulations. What Kind of Travel Services Do Local Doctors Provide? Your first order of business before international travel should be to have an examination. Medical care in foreign countries can be very different than what is available […]

How to Stay Healthy During Pregnancy

With the coming of spring; fresh blooms, nature’s creations, and little eggs are everywhere. All of this new life has got us thinking about babies.  As exciting as it is to welcome a baby into your life, ensuring you take steps before and during your term to maintain healthiness and happiness is of the utmost importance.  If you are currently pregnant, or are thinking about getting pregnant soon, here are some tips on how to stay healthy during pregnancy.

Preventative Practices to Keep Yourself Healthy

With the high-stress environments we live in, overlooking our health is becoming more and more prevalent. We often don’t take notice until an ailment becomes more serious. Preventing health problems from occurring in the first place should be our number one priority in ensuring we live a happy, healthy, and long life. Here are some easy, inexpensive ways you can use to help keep yourself healthy. Ready, Set, Action While this is something we all know to be a proven health benefit, and is something that’s essential in our lives, many of us simply don’t make the time to be […]

Baby, It’s Cold Outside

The fluctuating temperature is not only hard when deciding which coat to wear, it’s hard on our immune systems as well. We’re easily susceptible to colds and flus come winter, and that being said, the littlest ones in our lives are at an even greater risk. With their sensitive immune systems and fragile physiologies, babies and toddlers can get sick easily, especially in the winter. Ensuring you’re doing everything to keep your child healthy and happy is key, and it offers you piece of mind. Check out these tips for some practices to implement around the house, so that you […]

Keep the Cold Away This Winter

Winter has descended her icy fingers upon us and the only thing we can do to stay happy this season is the keeping the cold at bay. Enjoying the best of the snowy weather doesn’t have to come at the expense of your health. Outside of getting the flu shot, there are a plethora of things you can do to keep yourself and your family healthy this year. Follow these five tips, and kiss the winter blues goodbye! Enter Hibernation Mode: With the holidays coming up, we often find ourselves overworked and stressed out. Keeping on top of things at […]

Do You Get Enough Sleep?

We spend a large percentage of our lives sleeping; it affects our moods, our cognition and our overall productivity. By adulthood we’ve come to terms with the importance of sleeping enough, but are you sleeping at the right time? Do you complete a REM sleep cycle? And what are the potential health repercussions of not getting sufficient sleep? We’ll tell you. How We Sleep (REM Sleep Cycles) When we’re asleep, we go through a sleep cycle comprised of five stages. Once the cycle has reached completion, it starts over again until we eventually wake up. 1. Stage One: This is […]

Tips and Tricks on Maintaining Good Health This Flu Season

You work hard to maintain optimal health for you and your family, flu prevention is not something that should be overlooked. Influenza results in serious consequences for many people each year. Aside from the time off work or school and the painful symptoms, the flu can sometimes result in life threating health complications. Prevention is key. Ward off influenza this flu season with these helpful tips and tricks. Get the flu shot According to the Government of Canada, getting a flu shot every year is a safest and most effective way of prevention. They recommend that everyone over the age […]

Travel vaccinations

Vaccinations are a hot topic in the news right now. Celebrities like Jenny McCarthy have been outspoken in their doubt of the effectiveness of vaccines, however their opinion driven claims fail to reference any valid scientific studies. What we do know from conclusive, scientific evidence is that vaccinations are incredibly effective, especially in young children for things like Whooping Cough, Polio, Rotavirus, Measles, Mumps, and the list goes on. It’s thanks to vaccinations that we’ve been able to eliminate diseases like Small Pox, and contribute to a healthier population worldwide. Not Just For Children Vaccinations are not just an important […]

Don’t fall for health fads

It seems that health fads are currently more popular than ever. The abundance of information on health trends is sometimes overwhelming, and often incorrect. With this plethora of information it can be hard to distinguish between what is genuine advice, and what is misinformation. Below we’ll take a look at some diet fads that are popular right now, and explain why they don’t actually work. Twinkie diet A nutrition professor from the Kansas State University made headlines when he lost 27lbs by eating only junk food, made up predominately of Twinkies (every 3 hours). Mark Haub claimed that a calorie […]